First Lady Cynthia McKnight’s new book, The Second Voice is a guide to help you to identify the Second Voice or ( Satan’s deceptive voice ) and the devices he uses to get us to doubt, deny and ultimately disobey God’s voice in his plot to destroy your life. 
Corporate prayer is every Wednesday evening at 7pm. When joining the call, you do not need to announce yourself and please immediately mute your phone. If you have any prayer requests, please send them to

We invite you to come together corporately in weekly bible plans on the you version bible app. With 2020 being the year of freedom, our first area of freedom is financial freedom. We will explore bible plans that speak to our finances with our current plan being Jumpstart Your Finances. Our scripture for this plan is Matthew 6:33. The plan begins on January 19th and concludes on January 25th.

The Kingdom Kids children will sit in the sanctuary with the Kingdom Kids attendants and will be dismissed just before the Word is preached. Also, the age range for Kingdom Kids is for ages 2-8, and there will be no Kingdom Kids service on the last Sunday of every month.

Please stop by and support the Fundraising Ministry at the fundraising table before and after service.

 The “I Love My Church” T-shirt is available to Order @ $20 each. If you would like one stop by our Fundraising Table to pick up your shirt.

The new name for our Partner/Information Services is Love Services. Deacon Joyce Coleman is now the leader over this ministry. The new email address is
Here are a couple of good resources to help you in your way to being debt free.